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The Cardboard Man.

Happy 2012 everyone!! We hope you all had a fantastic holiday season, and got to munch on a lot of tasty treats and get fun presents. Now, for those of you who had no one to smooch at midnight, do not fear!! It is a new year, full of new people and new opportunities.

And, what is the most common thing that happens around new years? Besides the smooching, the most popular thing is to make some good new years resolutions! That is where our great blogger comes in with a fantastic resolution to help with your 2012 hunny hunt! Here she is with a great article on making sure that your list of goals has some personality to it!

Take it away!


The piece of cardboard dude is the guy who thinks he’s awesome. This is because he’s probably in dental school, or med school, or getting his MBA. This is because he knows he goes to church every Sunday. He got his eagle. He served a mission. He’s nice to people in public places.

None of these things are bad. Let me say that again, THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH ANY ONE ITEM ON THAT LIST. They are a few items off a GIGANTIC list of awesome things people can do in their life.

The problem with the cardboard dude is that he does all those things because it’s a list. I mean, maybe he wanted to go on a mission. He probably desired to get his MBA. He worked hard. It’s just that along the way, something about the “why” got lost. Which isn’t really a problem, except why we do things develops into who we are—which equals our personality.

Even then, being the cardboard man isn’t all that bad in everyday life, but it surfaces in the dating world in sad ways. For example, a cardboard dude expects girls to fall over him because he does everything “right.” I often run into guys who complain that they can’t find a girl, even though they “have everything a girl is looking for! Money, charm, education!” But, that isn’t everything! Personality, individuality and honesty also are huge wants for girls. It’s often difficult to make connections with a cardboard dude because his actual personality is underdeveloped and flat.


If you suspect you might be a piece of cardboard, don’t worry—all is not lost. Two items will help you eek slowly into the “interesting guy” range.

  1. Try new things & find stuff you are interested in– and then pursue it. Few things are more attractive than a man who does interesting things.
  2. Love people. Paul was not messing around when he said that nothing matters if you don’t have charity. Sometimes actually really loving people takes practice—

The interesting thing is that #1 and #2 are not really separate. As you open yourself to really love people, you start thinking more stuff is interesting and doing more interesting things. You  then have more (positive) stuff to talk about, and you become more interested in the other things that people do themselves and their lives.

And then, you can probably persuade someone to swoon over you. But more importantly: you’ll be able to fall in love, and will be the type of person you would want to love you.

***don’t worry, there are also cardboard girls. So, if you don’t want to change, just date them. But if you are wanting a more sincere partner, then take a good look in the mirror and make a resolution to develop who you are first!